Web Page Designer Training Program Overview

Realize your creative potential and take the first step toward becoming a Web Designer with ICS Canada’s online Career Diploma training program.Our Webdeveloper Designer Toronto create the awareness to Learn how to design eye-catching websites for yourself and for others. With ICS Canada, you can train at home and at a pace that's right for you, and you can complete this program in as little as six months!


You’ll learn how to create websites using Adobe® Dreamweaver, which is included with your program. You’ll also learn about Internet security, how to set up an Internet business, Internet programming, and how to get your web pages onto web servers.¹



Web Page Designer Design Course Details:


In the ICS Canada Web Page Designer online program, you’ll cover topics such as:


1.Essential web publishing skills

2.Elements of design

3.HTML fundamentals

4.Adobe Dreamweaver

5.Security and e-commerce



Web page designers create websites using like Dreamweaver.Here Toronto Webdeveloper Designer that effective web page designers have in common:


1.Creative: When it comes to web design, you often have to think outside of the box.

2.Flexible: Projects may require compromise and different approaches for different clients.

3.Innovative: Design issues will require creativity and unique problem-solving.

4.Dependable: Clients and employers rely on you to get the job done.



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